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Various systems have been put into place to ensure we preserve our environment. Built in accordance with an Environmental Management Plan, Dreamsworld integrates LED and low wattage lamps, has motion sensor activated lights to reduce power wastage, and the electrical lighting load is drastically reduced through architectural design which maximises natural light.


Part of sustainable landscaping at Dreamsworld Township is the use of recycled green waste from landscape maintenance through composting. The compost is beneficial as a soil conditioner and organic fertiliser to maintain and enhance healthy soil that supports soil life. Additionally, residents are encouraged to recycle through the underground waste system that separates organic from inorganic waste.

recreational constructor in guruvayoor, guruvayur
recreational constructor in guruvayoor, guruvayur


Water conservation is an essential part of the Dreamsworld community. A Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) water system is connected to our community enabling us to recycle Dubai's water. We have installed a polishing plant to clean and enhance the quality of the water, which is then used throughout our waterways and for irrigation of the landscape.

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