Dreams world Properties is going to redefine the conventional concept of stand-alone work spaces by integrating work with leisure. Combining the strengths of well-grounded experience with the dynamic needs of modern times, Dreams world's commercial complex - - shall usher in a new era of work culture and futuristic office spaces at the very core of Guruvayoor's most prestigious & busy street.Dreams City is one of the biggest commercial projects in Guruvayur by Dreams World properties with international standards. It is includes Shopping Malls, Hyper Market, Multiplex, Convention Center, Food Court, Branded Outlets, Helipad and many More.
Shopping Malls in Guruvayur :We are introducing shopping malls with international standards. There are large numbers of shops in Guruvayur with years Old. Now, we are introducing shopping malls with all the major facilities. People can experience a metro life with our shopping malls. As all we know that Malls are more than retail stores, services are now a permanent fixture in malls. From salon service to children playground, malls are adding variety of facilities such as children’s playground to incent families to visit and shopping. Our mall in Guruvayur offer excellent facilities to the families and friends.
Hyper Market in Guruvayur : Dream city in Guruvayur includes Hyper Market which is a customizable, stylish, elegant and dedicated eCommerce center in Guruvayur. It will change the shopping face of Guruvayur. People can spent weekend in Dream city with lots of fun and entertainments. People can experience international shopping with Dreams World Properties.



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MALL OF DREAMS East Nada,Guruvayoor

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Top builders in guruvayur

Top builders in guruvayoor

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commercial projects in guruvayoor

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