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The time where businesses managed from a centralized location and catered services to meet local needs is far left behind. Globalization has drastically made its presence even to the remotest of nations, thus transforming sustainable business operations. With the support of digital technology, businesses have only enlarged operations and gave way to explore promising potential across the globe. Although, there has been a notable decrease in the physical participation of personnel, yet there are some things that need a manual change to set objectives straight. Here we can see that the travel and hospitality industries play a major role in connecting businesses and ease execution. This caused the development of the concept for resale flats in Guruvayur. It caused a big development in the concept of service apartments in Guruvayur.

<>New apartment in guruvayur

Taking the requirements of business professionals into account, today’s hospitality partners have planned essential services that cater to this situation. Major people, including the star hotels, have identified the importance of business trips. The concept of business trip increased. Now the increasing demands tend to look at the face of service apartments. Thanks to the Serviced Apartments concept that have defined an acceptable solution that is aimed at solving the problem that business professionals face today.

The concept of Service Apartments in Guruvayur

The arrival of service apartments in Guruvayur reduced the dead investment of flats in Guruvayur. The golden times of real estate faded for some time. Now flats and apartments in Guruvayur turned into monthly income generator than investment. The number of service apartments in Guruvayur are increasing with outstanding facilities. Premium builder in Guruvayur coming up with interesting projects of service apartments in Guruvayur. Dreams world properties are going to present excellent service apartment facilities in Guruvayur. Utsavam hotel apartments is its first project in the concept of hotel apartments in Thrissur. It will be one of the best monthly income providing hotel apartments in Guruvayur.

Why invest in 3 BHK ?

Resale flats in guruvayur



  • The price


For its spaciousness the cost of the house is reasonable. Due to its price many people generally try not to push themselves for buying 3BHK. Actually, there is not much difference between 2BHK and 3BHK flats. It is affordable for one who is capable to repay the loan. When considering affordability, stress-free living, and spaciousness Guruvayoor new apartments are a better option to opt.

<>Resale flats in guruvayur


  • More resale value with the spaciousness


Opting to buy 3 bedroom flat is profitable for both investment purpose and resale value. It is more comfortable and a spacious to live with families having children, parents, and grandparents.


  • Easy to sell in future


As in today’s market, 3BHK flats are having high demand, they are easier to sell. Investing in a 3BHK can retrieve you high resale to your pockets. The location should always be in mind while investing in a property. In effect, Guruvayur new apartments finds the fine location which perfectly blends with customer needs.


  • Good investment with considerable money


This really makes an inMajority of Indians trust real estate investing than any other investment sectors in the market. The two major reasons are to gain higher returns and less risk factor as compared with the other sectors of investments. Therefore developers in Guruvayoor are now planning for 3 BHK rather other types. This article will help you to fly away from all the doubts regarding 2 BHK and 3 BHK villas.


  • Space


Apartments in Kochi prefers 3 BHK because this is comparatively bigger than 2 BHK. having 2 bedrooms it is ideal for extended family or else you can have a spare bedroom in case if you are in a nuclear family. When you have a get together with relatives you will experience the advantage of having a guest bedroom which ensures spacious living. It is also useful for sleeping, as a drawing room, for making home office and also it is useful if your grandparents are in town.


  • Future


Developers in Guruvayoor think about upcoming days too. In most metro cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and other busy cities home buyers who initially buy 2 BHK later crave for more space. Especially young homebuyers must have a future planning before buying a villa for the first time.


  • Paper-works


Dreams world builders and developers in Guruvayoor clears all documentation before buying. Procedures for buying 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK are similar. Carving for an upgradation of 2BHK to 3BHK is a quite difficult process, so always prefer 3BHK to avoid the stress of upgrading in future.


  • Live stress-free


A 1BHK and 2BHK apartment cannot fill surprise visitors like friends and relatives easily. An ideal 2 bedroom flat in Guruvayoor can only fit parents and young kids, whereas a 3 bedroom flat in Guruvayoor can fit both the occupiers and the visitors or guests in case they want to stay.

3BHK ensures spacious rooms for everyone in the family. Mainly growing families with parents, children, and grandparents opt for 3BHK flats. For people, craving for space additional bedroom is advantageous in buying 3BHK flats.

vestment for a longer run, a fully equipped villa oa a fully equipped house will not make much difference in money. Villas is a better option for a future generation because selling it after a few years will still make a better profit.

What are the benefits of staying with dreams world properties?

Dreams city Guruvayur changes your lifestyle to a whole new level and make your lifestyle better and worth enjoying in a million little ways. We offer personal services like no other. If you start planning for own villa, never hesitate to contact us because we provide highest property and service standards at any cost.


Apartment in guruvayur

Guruvayur is one of the biggest real estate industrial areas in Kerala. Flat in Guruvayur or Apartment in Guruvayur became a popular business title among premium builders in Guruvayoor, Kerala. People sometimes may confuse with the usage of Apartment or flat in Guruvayur. One of the real difference is that apartments are the American English and flat is the British English. The purposes of both words are the same, which gives the meaning of residential place. Anyhow, let us discuss flat in Guruvayur or Villas in Guruvayur. If you are looking for an apartment in Guruvayur, there are lots of things to take care.

<>Apartment in guruvayur

Current stage of Apartment in Guruvayur

You should do a proper study about your requirement if it is a villa, in Guruvayur or apartments. You have to visit the place to know the details about construction technologies, project start date, the required duration for completion, etc. The builder can show their brochure and its details. You can collect all the promotional materials from the builders in Guruvayur. If understood the starting date, you can calculate the completion according to the current situation. If you feel the construction in the slow mood, go for a better option like Dreams World Properties. It is one of the companies working hard to complete the project before the expected time.

Amenities of Apartment in Guruvayur

To introduce unique amenities for flat in Guruvayur or apartments Guruvayur premium builders are revealing for each other. Most of the builders in Guruvayur provide Clubhouse for occasional gatherings, well designed & hygienic swimming pool, well-equipped health club to keep your physique fit, play area for your kids, CCTV surveillance and trained guards for your safety. Anyhow you should find something unique in your apartments in Guruvayur or flats in Trichur. Dreams World Properties in Guruvayur introduced eco-friendly construction method for apartments in Thrissur and flat in Guruvayur.

What is an eco-friendly apartment in Guruvayur?

Dreams World Properties introduced a new style of making flat in Guruvayur. It bought the good result and this esteemed method is copied by other builders in Guruvayur. The project is placed in the natural beauty of Guruvayur. The latest apartment in Guruvayur designed in most modern and scientific way. Dreams World Properties want to give a safe and secure life for the people by using eco-friendly construction technology for building apartment and flat in Thrissur. You can find an elegant design with most modern architectural concepts, all the interiors are suitable to furnish and decor according to the taste of the modern and aristocratic society in Guruvayur.

Know nearby location

Flats for sale in Thrissur is increasing day by day and this is one of the important things to keep in mind before purchasing an apartment or flat in Guruvayoor. There are lots of builders in Guruvayur staying far from major hospitals, schools, colleges, shopping centres etc. Do think at any point of time whether all the facilities came under one roof. Yes, it is going to be true by the arrival of Guruvayur Township by Dreams World Properties. Resale flats in Guruvayur, villas, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, theatres, etc are coming in Guruvayur Township. Now, it is going to be one of the major attractions in Guruvayur like Anakotta, Guruvayur temple, etc.


Flat near guruvayur temple

These days many people in Guruvayur are opting for apartment life instead of building the house on their own. With the booming of modernization & sophistication, emergence of industrialization, rising land prices, housing prices and lifestyle change, many people are looking for a property with the ultra-modern township in Guruvayur. Living in apartment in Guruvayur also offers many benefits to the residents especially in Dreams World Properties.

<>Flat near guruvayur temple

Living in luxury flats in Guruvayoor builds relationships and gives the scope to interact with more people and builds friendship between the members of other flats. Apartment in Thrissur allows you to know about your neighbors and constantly gather to exchange the happiness of communal living in the different occasions of life.

Utsavam apartments in Guruvayur is getting a prominent place in the Guruvayur Town ship named as Dreams City. It is going to be the gateway of Guruvayur. Dreams city includes five star hotels, branded outlets, infinity pools, etc. Amenities is the major advantage of living in a modern apartment in Guruvayur Township. A Flat in Guruvayur provides international amenities to the people like swimming pool to gym and garden to sports zone, etc. These are the major benefits of living in apartments which may or may not be available in independent homes on lands. Getting close to the malls and other shopping stores are the benefits of living in an ultra- modern township suggested by premium builders in Guruvayoor. Its great to know that everything is available near to the Guruvayoor hotel rooms due to its heavy well-planned infrastructure.

Yet another thing is security and car parking. Flats in Thrissur possess security guards to provide safeguards to the flats in Guruvayur. During this time car parking and security is a notable question for the people living in Guruvayur.


Flat in guruvayur

There has been an increase in demand for affordable living spaces, especially in Guruvayur, and this has led to the popularization of the studio apartments concept in Guruvayur. It is in the concept of minimal living style has been popular in Guruvayur.

<>Flat in guruvayur

What is a studio apartment in Guruvayur? Many people don’t have any idea or are confused between a studio apartment and 1 BHK apartment in Guruvayur. The basic difference between the two is that a 1BHK flat has a separate living room, one bedroom and a kitchen with separate bathroom, but a studio flat in Guruvayur is one single room with an open kitchenette and a separate bathroom. A studio apartment in Guruvayoor is also known as “efficiency apartment” or “bachelor flats”. In the matter of size and space, the studio apartment will be more spacious than 1BHK apartments in Guruvayur.

If one goes by the price one would have to shell extra money for single-bedroom apartments in Guruvayur. The idea of studio apartments in Guruvayur has started to gain prominence in cities like Cochin, Trivandrum and Guruvayur. It is getting popular in Guruvayur. Many people are coming to Guruvayur to stay in comfort. Many people are not ready to invest to meet religious purpose in Guruvayur. So the concept of studio flats is increasing in Guruvayur. This is also very famous for wedding parties. So many builders and developers in Guruvayur are running behind the concept of studio flats in Guruvayur. And it also gives support for the concept of service apartments in Guruvayur. Utsavam apartments in Guruvayur getting in high profile for studio apartments in Guruvayur and service apartments in Guruvayur.

In the present times, the studio apartments in Guruvayur are not restricted to the small 400 sq ft to 700 sq ft. area. Nowadays, the singles are looking for luxury studio apartments in Guruvayur which are more spacious. In the modern days of luxury studio apartments ranges from 1,200sq ft. to 1,600 sq ft. and is favored among the newlywed couples.