Golden Feather

How many rooms does Golden Feather have?

81 Rooms (including the Suite Rooms).

What are the different types of rooms?

3 types- Premium Rooms, Deluxe Rooms & Suites.

What is the size of the room?
  • Premium Rooms are 680 sq.ft and above
  • Deluxe Rooms are 1000 sq.ft and above
  • Suite Rooms are 1200 sq.ft and above
Does the hotel have a restaurant? And what kind food is being served?

Yes, the hotel has a fully functional restaurant; offering multi-cuisines. Predominantly Kerala and Indian Cuisine. Continental food and a specialty restaurant also will be there.

How big is the DW Township area?

The township is in 2 acres of land, facing the Thrissur Main Road and close to Temple.

What is the water source?

Bore well & Open well.

Do you have swimming pool?

Yes, an infinity swimming pool for kids and adult.

What are the other facilities in the hotel?
  • The hotel will have a Fully air conditioned Multipurpose Hall for Marriages/ Trainings/Meetings/get together/any celebrations.
  • Another attraction is the most modern Health Club to burn your extra calories and keep you healthy.
  • The Spa will be an added facility that will revive your mind, body and spirit.
  • The Ques & Balls Centre- The Game Zone will provide you quality time with your friends.
  • The Terrace Floor Party area can host any festival events like family get together, association gatherings, birthday party etc.
What makes Golden Feather Hotel Apartments outstanding?

Golden Feather is a Five Star Hotel Apartment with premium rooms/deluxe rooms and suite Rooms. It will have all the facilities of a Five Star Hotel. Guruvayur, the Temple City attracts millions of devotees and it is one of the richest temples in south India. On an average of 40000 to 50000 people visit the temple on daily basis. The temple witnesses 50 to 75 marriages per day. It is also a very desirable venue for baby rice feeds/thulabharams and music festivals. Hence a hotel with all the facilities will definitely fetch good returns on your investment.

What are the advantages of Investing in Guruvayur?

As mentioned above Guruvayur is a Divine Land and the devotees and pilgrims are always present in this city. The temple city has lack of facilities to fulfill the requirements of the people. The inflow of devotees to the temple city is so high and lack of facilities in Guruvayur will make your investment a lucrative one, any investor can safely assume consistent and healthy occupancy levels, which in turn ensure consistent and high monthly income. Year -round pilgrim destination with no significant low Season. Guruvayur witnesses equal traffic and popularity in both recession times and boom times as on both occasions Lord Krishna is first one to be remembered by many devotees, thus ensuring lifelong tourism which will only increase every year.

Is it possible to own an Five Star Hotel Apartment in Golden Feather?

Yes it is! You can be owner of the Apartment. This is a never before opportunity to invest in a world class luxury hotel apartment with a consistent steady returns.

What are the options to invest?

There are 81 hotel apartments starting from 689 sq ft to 1981 sq.ft. Seven types/sizes. Upon completion you will possess a title deed in your name. You can invest in one or more apartments.

What are the benefits of investing?

This is an intelligent and lucrative real estate investment opportunity which fetches superb rental returns, asset appreciation, a lifetime of luxury vacations; and pride of ownership in a Five Star Hotel in the Temple City. The investment is ONE time, with no recurring maintenance or service charges year after year. By investing you own a high profile and earn a Life time steady income.

How does one get a steady income?

Through this unique investment you earn high monthly rental income by investing in an fully Air conditioned and fully serviced five star hotel apartment, which is then managed and marketed on your behalf by the Dreams World Management. The total revenue generated from all the rooms is collected into a "rental pool" and then shared among the owners on the basis of sq,ft you own. This system ensures that everybody earns even if your apartment is rented out or not. Payouts happen every month. This means you earn 10% to 12% p.a. in the beginning and then keeps increasing over the year lease period.

What is the return on investment?

Average rental income from normal apartment & villas today is just 2% to 4 % p.a at best,compared to which these apartments will give at least 10% to 12% per annum and more – which means 4 times greater income. More than that this is mixed use property development in a township which includes Hypermarket/multiplex theatre/branded outlet/commercial office space and food courts. All these will increase the appreciation of your property. The pride ownership in a Five Star Hotel Apartment, of course is priceless.

What about the other benefits?

Owners can enjoy complimentary stay for seven nights every year. Nomination facility for use of free nights is possible.

What is the exit policy?

A clear title deed as in any other real estate investment, showing ownership of apartment and undivided share in the land. As the owner of the title deed, you can sell the apartment whenever you want. At the same time the buyer enjoys income from day One.

Why do people prefer investing in Golden Feather?

The investors can enjoy monthly rental income as well as the property appreciation.

Is it hassle free Investment ? Should the owner get involved in the maintenance?

Unlike normal apartments and villas that need regular involvement to maintain and rent out, this apartment does not require any maintenance or monitoring as it is managed by the Dreams World Management.- the Operator.

How affordable is the Investment?

Unlike normal apartments and villas that need regular involvement to maintain and rent out, this apartment does not require any maintenance or monitoring as it is managed by the Dreams World Management.- the Operator.

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